Health & Fitness
Group exercise classes

Pro Center offers a complimentary series of classes for all fitness levels and athletic abilities, all taught by the highest level, professional instructors.  Group exercise classes are super-fun and excellent for weight loss because they generally require a lot of energy and tend to burn lots of calories. We offer classes like : ( Yoga, cycle, Boxing , High / Low ,Aerobics dance, Spinning , Muay Thai, Belly dance, Kickboxing ,hip hop dance, cardio step, body pump, Zumba and much more! )  The motivating music and enthusiasm of other participants makes the whole experience exhilarating. It's also a great social activity and stress-reliever).

Our group exercise classes enable you to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, strength and flexibility. Our friendly and helpful instructor’s welcome new faces and no matter what your fitness level or age, you will experience an enjoyable, safe and effective workout.

Pro center Health Clubs is dedicated to providing the latest in group exercise programs with a wide variety of classes.

Personal training

Many of our members have already discovered the benefits of working with a personal trainer. From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support, your program is designed to suit your goals, whether you want to gain muscle mass, lose weight, enhance your strength or tone up.

Our personal trainers are all highly qualified instructors, determined to help you achieve your goals. They'll push you that little bit more and make sure your technique is good, and you'll see results faster. They have the passion, knowledge and tools to help you work smarter, not harder.

Our team of fitness experts take your fitness personally - and guarantee they'll help achieve the results you want.

Ladies package
  • We have a separate ladies gym for those ladies wishing to train in a more relaxed atmosphere, it’s designed to offer privacy and comfort to our female members and its ideal for women of all ages, shapes and sizes who may feel intimidated training in a mixed gym.
  • We also boast separate ladies spa area, private swimming pool area and the dancing and aerobics studio (ladies only classes are available)
  • Enjoy taking your tan in our outdoor swimming pool (heated in winter), and don’t miss our aqua aerobics classes
  • Our instructors are very informal and friendly, ready and willing to offer any advice or help as required.
  • Your first step will be on our advanced scale measuring your BMI ,total body weight (fat %,lean muscle, body water) then to assess the vo2 max and your target heart rate for designing a special program (just for you)
  • Changing your program on a regular basis enables you to work more fiber thus achieving better shape. It also shocks the muscle groups, not allowing them to settle.
  • Our instructors are on hand at any time to offer advice and assistance as required.
  • Ladies kick Boxing classes for all the ladies who want to get a bit tougher, toned and trim! Technique and fitness are the basic structure of the class including some self defense and confidence building. You get to release all that extra stress by taking it out on a boxing bag and pads while combining it with an all over invigorating body toning workout


Youth & kids

Pro Center Health Club offers fun fitness programs for children.

Our knowledgeable professionals in youth fitness design programs for children of all ages. Your children will have a safe, supervised, and fun environment to be active and have a good time while you work out.

Our primary emphasis is fun exercise. We reach children at a level they can understand and really respond to.

Our exercises and circuit change daily to help keep each child motivated and our dynamic coaching staff cares deeply for each member and helping them succeed!

We will teach your child the daily recommended allowances of vitamins, minerals and nutrients he needs, also we will teach them what, when & how much  to eat!

We have daily funny classes (funky monkey, Kids Gladiator, kids hip hop, kids fit play, kids yoga …etc)

Swimming sessions & funny games in the swimming pool



Your kids can have fun while you workout! Our main goal in the Kids' Clubhouse is to provide your children with a fun, safe and clean environment. Children from 6 months to age 12 are welcome at all times where our caring staff will make sure you and your children feel at home. The Clubhouse offers a variety of activities for children. We offer structured programs, arts and crafts, story time along with time for free play.